About Therabill

Therabill was born out of necessity. In 2005, Cynthia Dundas, MS, CCC/SLP, had grown tired of spending her nights filling out CMS-1500 HCFA forms. So, with the help of her husband, she set out in search of an easy-to-use insurance billing software. But all they could find was complicated, over-priced, physician-based software. Fortunately, Cynthia’s husband had a very strong IT background. After much discussion, the two decided to build their own system: one that was web-based, affordable, user-friendly, and—most importantly—created specifically for the behavioral health and speech therapy fields.

Since then—thanks in large to user feedback—Therabill has evolved and grown into a top-notch practice management solution. The system offers speech-language, behavioral health, and mental health specialists comprehensive solutions for documentation, scheduling, and billing. Additionally, Therabill offers both physical and occupational therapists a billing solution.

In 2015, WebPT—the leading electronic medical record solution for rehab therapists—acquired Therabill. Thanks to this acquisition, WebPT + Therabill now offers physical, occupational, and speech therapists the best practice management solution in the industry. To learn more about this acquisition and the resulting combined solution, click here.