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Secure, Anytime Access for Everyone

You and your staff can log in to Therabill from any computer with an Internet connection.

Create Individual Accounts and Control Access Levels

Therabill users only pay for rendering provider user accounts, meaning you can create separate (and unlimited) non-provider users accounts at no additional charge. Every user in the practice will have their own account, and you can control each account’s data access level—keeping your practice’s information safe.

  • Top-Line Security

    Each staff member logs in with his or her own username and password, and our security standards apply to each and every user. Plus, the system automatically logs all access sessions involving protected health information.

  • Total Control

    You can decide which areas each of your staff members can access. Only want front office staff to use the scheduling portion of our software? No problem. Simply set your access restrictions accordingly.

  • User Access Logs

    Wondering who’s accessing patient charts or notes? Your clinic’s admin can view each staff member’s access log for any timeframe.

  • Unlimited Non-Providers

    Unlike other billing software, Therabill doesn’t charge for non-provider logins. That means that your front and back office staff can all have access to the system.