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Electronic Remittance Advice

With our system, you can post payments electronically or manually—whichever you prefer.

Post Payments with Minimal Effort

Therabill makes payment posting a breeze. You can either enter payments manually or completely automate the process by having payers send payments directly into Therabill via electronic remittance advice (ERA). Collecting co-pays and other patient payments is a snap with the single-session payment entry form. And, to top if all off, you can even accept credit cards directly within the system.

  • Payment Posting and Tracking

    Whether you post payments manually or via electronic remittance advice (ERA), our system makes it simple. Simply enter payments in our easy-to-use manual payment posting area, or have your insurance companies send your ERAs directly to Therabill.

  • Electronic Remittance Advice

    Basically, electronic remittance advice (ERA) is an electronic version of an explanation of benefits (EOB) or a payer claim summary (PCS). When your insurance companies send ERAs directly to our system, we receive and post them to your account. Then, you complete the payment-posting process with little more than a click of your mouse.

  • Manual Payment Posting

    Our batch payments entry page makes it easy to manually post payments or adjustments from EOBs or PCSs.

  • Copayment Posting

    You can enter patient copays using our single-session payment entry form.

  • Patient Payment Tracking

    Enter lump-sum patient payments into our patient payment area. Have a patient who overpaid? No worries. Simply enter the amount as an unassigned payment, and you can post it to an individual session later.

  • Payment Reports

    Therabill offers many reports that will help you track and view payments.