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Electronic Claims Submission

Save time and money by submitting your claims electronically.

Get Paid Faster with Electronic Claims Submission

With electronic claims submission, you’ll get paid faster with fewer errors—saving you time and money. Therabill can help you file electronic claims to thousands of insurance companies and government payers, and it automatically routes your claims for you. Contracted with a payer that requires a paper submission? No problem! We’ll create the 1500 form; you just need to print it.

  • Unlimited Electronic Claims Submission

    We don’t charge per claim, so you can send out as many electronic claims as you need without a second thought. How’s that for peace of mind?

  • No Individual Clearinghouse Accounts

    With Therabill, there’s no need to create clearinghouse accounts because all of your claims go through our clearinghouse accounts.

  • Compatibility with Thousands of Insurance Companies

    Our system connects to multiple clearinghouses, which maximizes the number of payers available for electronic claims submission. You can view and search our list of compatible payers, covering occupational to mental health claims, here.

  • Fewer Errors; Faster Claim Turnaround

    Thanks to multiple layers of error-checking, our system identifies most claim errors before claims enter payer adjudication systems. Furthermore, we return those claims to you within a day or two so you can correct errors and quickly resubmit claims—thus speeding up the payment process.

  • Less Paper Filing

    Every time you create a claim, we store it in your digital Therabill filing cabinet. You can then access your complete claim history from any computer with Internet access.

  • Paper Submission Option

    Electronic claim submission is great, but we know there are times when you need to send out paper claims. Luckily, we make the paper claim submission process easy-peasy. We’ll create a paper CMS-1500 for you; all you have to do is print it out and mail it in.