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Therapy Billing Reports

Our reporting suite allows you to keep a pulse on your billing processes and performance.

Become a Data Wizard with Easy-to-Use Reports

Manage your practice’s financial health with the bevy of built-in reports that track metrics like claim aging, balances, or payments. Can’t find exactly what you need? Our custom report builder allows you to customize to your heart’s content so you can analyze client/patient information, schedule statistics, or payment data in a way that makes sense to you.

  • Claim Aging Report

    Stay on top of unpaid claims with our claim aging report. You can organize information by client or payer.

  • Balances Report

    Want to see the dollar amount that has been paid for each of your therapy sessions? Use our balances report to see a total payment for each session. You also can drill down the report to see insurance payments, client payments, and payment adjustments. Or, take a quick view of the ledger balance for each of your patients.

  • Payment Reports

    Our array of payment reports let you see payment breakdowns by client, nightly deposit reports based on deposit date, and EOB reports organized by insurance or check number.

  • Custom Reports

    Can’t find the report you need? Use our report layout designer to create your own client, schedule, or payment reports. Our custom report feature gives you total control over the data fields that appear in your generated reports.